Advanced Workflow Management

Advanced Workflow Management

The client requires a solution for the workflow management system, using which the tasks can be managed. Administrators can create tasks in the form of nodes and each node in the flow will appear as a task for the user; based on the role and availability of the user.

System Features

  1. Distribution of tasks among users, based on their availability.
  2. The connection between internal and external databases using the front end.
  3. Transfer the task among other users of the same role.
  4. Support of multi-language for static as well as dynamic data, using simple file upload from the front-end.

The Application Would be Handling the Following-

  1. Dynamic connection of external databases with different adapters
  2. Dynamic execution of Java Scripts
  3. Dynamic language translation for the data by creating language and uploading the translation file.
  4. Create a complete flow by manually entering raw SQL and external database fields.


Ruby 2, Rails 3.2.17, Html/CSS/JS.